Tips & Tricks

Here are some professional suggestions how to format your German text for best readability:

  • Use no more than three different types of text fonts. You may, of course, use different formating (normal, bold, italic) of each font type.
  • Write in a clear and direct rather than playful manner.
  • Colored text can be fun, but use it only sparingly and where necessary to enhance the textual content. Otherwise it can easily distract and decrease readability (e.g. too much light-colored text on a dark background)
  • It is better to add one additional page, rather than using a small font size or too much text.
  • Remember to keep paragraphs short to increase the overall readability and layout.
  • In general try to keep sentences short and clear.
  • As a rule use foreign words and expressions only when necessary and explain them for any reader who is not an expert in your field.